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Approximately 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 will experience at least minor acne symptoms, and many older adults will experience some sort of adult acne throughout their life (source: American Academy of Dermatology). Acne can be caused by a combination of factors such as hormonal changes, genetics, bacteria and inflammation: it is a very common yet complex skin condition that can make lasting impact on people’s lives. While whiteheads and pustules are among the most common symptoms of the condition, acne is also associated with a wide range of peripheral conditions such as scars, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or post-inflammatory erythema.

Vantage offers a complete portfolio of solutions for cosmetic chemists formulating creams, serums and other products that aim to prevent the appearance of acne symptoms or help reduce its visible signs.

Anti-acne Treatments

Ingredients approved for anti-acne treatments vary for each country. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are active ingredients approved in many regions for this type of application. Benzoyl peroxide works as an antimicrobial agent that kills acne-causing P. acnes on the skin.

To enhance its efficacy, reduce adverse irritating reactions and facilitate its incorporation in formulations, Vantage has developed CUROXYL® 42, the leading micronized benzoyl peroxide gel for anti-acne products.

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that works to prevent acne by exfoliating the skin and unclogging pores. Salicylic acid is also recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce redness and swelling associated with acne. Salicylic acid is not readily soluble in water or oils and can recrystallize in formulation.
Vantage offers CURCYLIC® 40, a pre- solubilized form of USP grade salicylic acid that allows for quick incorporation in formulation and improved aesthetics, especially in clear systems.


Skin cell turnover is paramount to good skin condition. The biological process helps promote smoother skin texture, more even tones, overall better moisturization and prevent pore clogging. Various types of exfoliations can benefit the skin in different ways, which is why Vantage offers a broad array of technologies, such as chemical, enzymatic or physical exfoliants to promote efficient skin desquamation.

Skin soothing

Inflammatory acne is very common and leaves the skin irritated. Some anti-acne medication can also leave skin dehydrated and more prone to inflammatory reactions. Depending on skin types, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) or post-inflammatory erythema (PIE) can commonly occur as a cutaneous disorder after skin inflammation linked to acne.

Formulators can use Vantage ingredients to complement acne treatments with skin care that help soothe the skin, restore optimal skin hydration and help address PIH and PIE events.

Healthy Skin


Perfect skin starts with moisturizing the skin. Vantage offers advanced hyaluronic acid technologies as well as synergistic combinations of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) to provide enhanced and long-lasting skin hydration.


Extrinsic aging can be accelerated by external factors such as sun or blue light exposure and atmospheric pollution. Vantage offers solutions aimed at protecting skin from these daily aggressions for sun care, face care or hair care applications.


Vantage has meticulously designed effective solutions to help address aging signs and help skin maintain its youthful complexion.

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