Our team understands that beauty brands need to develop better and more innovative products faster than ever before. We use our consumer-driven insights combined with our diversified capabilities and agility to offer differentiated ingredients and formulations that help you bring heart-winning products to the market at an incredible speed.

Together, we develop custom botanical extracts and oil creations like our BOTANICALSPLUS® and EVOIL® brands or custom vegan milks like our PHYTOMILKS™ products that are unique to your brand and story. Going beyond ingredients, our customers can leverage our SPARK INNOVATION™ platform to receive dedicated formulation support and fast-track product development.

Custom extracts - BOTANICALSPLUS


Our BOTANICALSPLUS extracts are customized botanical extracts designed for your brand's specific needs and provide quick turnaround to meet swift market demands.

Our experts work with your brand to identify the right botanicals, identify sourcing and the best extraction strategy. Partner with us to efficiently elevate your brand.

Custom natural oil creations – EVOIL

As consumers increasingly recognize the potential of natural oils for skin and hair treatment, Vantage combines oil sourcing and formulating expertise to offer the EVOIL actives to our customers so that they can develop proprietary oil creations for their products.

EVOIL Actives is a special line of formulated oils for better cosmetics, specially aimed for functionality, thus constituting the most fitted lipidic phase for their respective final cosmetic application.

Custom milk-inspired complex - PHYTOMILKS

With our PHYTOMILKS platform, brands can leverage our complex emulsion expertise to create unique and proprietary vegan complexes. Our PHYTOMILKS create clear differentiation for your brand by creating new opportunities for unique intellectual property.


Fast formulations to fast track your product development

Beyond developing customized ingredients, our integrated network of formulation and marketing specialists are here to work with you to bring your proprietary concepts to life in unique formulations.

SPARK INNOVATION is a collaborative platform offered by Vantage to its customers that combines actionable consumer insights and an agile formulation model to design highly relevant and successful products. The concepts ideated with SPARK INNOVATION are consumer-ready and designed to dramatically shorten your time to market.

Our formulation experts work together with your brand to develop the right formulation, with the right sensory and the desired benefits for your target consumers. You’ll work with a dedicated team that supports your project to accelerate the product development cycle and quickly launch new products on the market.

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