Jojoba, the original clean beauty inspiration

Vantage helps formulators to get the most benefit out of jojoba, a shrub native to desert climates like the Sonoran Desert that produces seeds containing a conditioning oil. This oil is used in many applications in the beauty and personal care industry.

Although it’s referred to as an oil, jojoba oil’s chemical structure resembles a protective wax rather than an oil, making it different from other natural oils. Native Americans pioneered this protective wax as medicine, using it for centuries to treat sores and wounds. In the 1970s, jojoba oil became a commercial hit when scientists discovered it could be used as a vegan alternative to sperm whale oil in cosmetics.


We're committed to socially responsible farming practices to minimize impact on the environment and local communities.

Today, Vantage is the leading global supplier of jojoba oil and its derivatives. Our From Farms to Formulations™ initiative provides transparency and control of the jojoba oil supply chain. We own the end-to-end process—from growing jojoba on our farms to creating jojoba derivatives for our beauty and personal care customers.

Because we operate two jojoba farms, one in Arizona and the other in Argentina, we use our geodiversity to have year-round supply and protection against shortages or supply chain disruptions. Additionally, Vantage meets high standards for farming, such as Fair For Life, and makes smart improvements to increase yield and production capacity.

As a result, we offer a complete range of jojoba oil grades, from standard to organic, virgin, golden and colorless, as well as more than 70 jojoba derivatives.

Clean beauty comes, in part, from jojoba and the ways we grow and process it to be good stewards of our environment.

We're continuously investing in farming and production, improving harvest yields and expanding capacity to meet the fast-growing demand for natural and sustainable beauty products.

Our Sustainable Practices

Here's how we responsibly grow and produce jojoba oil:

  • We use water-efficient irrigation.

    We use state-of-the-art drip irrigation on some plots and are expanding its use over time. Our drip system, which is about 40% more water efficient than furrow irrigation methods, significantly reduces loss from evaporation and run off.

  • Modernized Equipment

    Our upgrades to equipment and facilities allow us to monitor extraction rates to minimize loss and maximize output.

  • Responsible Land Practices

    We replenish ground mineral content, and each farm has fallow land (untouched natural desert landscape) that is set aside for conservation.

  • Organic Pest Control

    We are extremely conscientious of our disease and pest prevention methods. We take everything into account—good soil health, selection of the heartiest and best-producing young shrubs, use of greenhouses for replanting and using predator insects to reduce the use of pesticides.

Jojoba Derivatives – Naturally Derived, Scientifically Designed

Vantage has developed more than 70 jojoba oil derivatives that provide a variety of benefits for all types of beauty and personal care applications. We leverage our uniquely rich industrial expertise and capabilities to offer an array of derivatives with distinct physical form, properties and benefits for formulators and beauty users.

Vantage is vertically integrated in jojoba oil and its derivatives. We manage safety stocks of both seeds and oil, handle quality control and test our jojoba derivative performance directly in our labs. This vertical integration ensures high levels of quality control and performance for our jojoba ingredients as well as provides beauty manufacturers with total transparency and traceability.

Jojoba esters and butters

By using a combination of esterification, saponification and hydrogenation processes, Vantage has created a broad range of sensorial and active ingredients to improve your formulations’ aesthetics and performance in a wide variety of applications.

We produce COSMOS-certified jojoba esters using a proprietary esterification process, which meets the criteria of green chemistry. Using this process, we create LIPONATE® JOJOBA, a range of oil-free emollients that transform the sensorial profile of formulations to add softness, spreadability or thickness. In addition to these sensorial improvements, consumers enjoy substantiated skin care and hair care benefits.

The complete control of the transformation chain of jojoba oil—from harvest to quality control—contributes to our best-in-class quality jojoba esters.

JOJOBA AQUA™ 120 Co-surfactant

Vantage combines its expertise with ethoxylation and jojoba chemistry to create JOJOBA AQUA 120, a water-soluble co-surfactant that disperses in aqueous formulations at room temperature to create a subtle film-forming sensation that elevates the sensorial profile of sheet masks, cleansers and shower products.


Vantage uses a proprietary nano-emulsion technology to create vegan milks from botanical oils and extracts. DW JOJOBA MILK and DESERT MILK are light emulsions based on a synergistic combination of oils that perfectly condition skin and hair.

JOJOBA GLAZE® Gelling Agents

JOJOBA GLAZE LV BF (low viscosity) and JOJOBA GLAZE HV BF (high viscosity) are anhydrous gels composed almost entirely of jojoba oil. They have excellent suspension properties for pigments and glitter particles, making it possible to create a variety of aesthetically pleasing, novel skin and hair care products. JOJOBA GLAZE, consisting of more than 88% jojoba oil, is a superior emollient, providing gloss and moisturization to skin and hair. It provides stability and emolliency in the oil base of an emulsion without feeling tacky on the skin. Because it is so substantive, it is also an ideal ingredient for long-wearing color cosmetics.


Vantage encapsulants are used for innovative and eye-catching effects. These soft spherical particles entrap DW JOJOBA OIL inside a matrix composed of either naturally derived cellulose or naturally derived agar, depending on the desired final visual effect and manufacturing process. Upon application, DW JOJOBA OIL bursts out of the encapsulants to condition the skin.

Jojoba Exfoliants

Vantage offers a wide range of natural and biodegradable jojoba exfoliants as an alternative to polyethylene beads, helping address the growing concern about plastic micro-particles contaminating our oceans and waterways. Jojoba exfoliants are derived from our natural, eco-friendly jojoba oil or oil-free jojoba esters. They are available in a variety of colors for impacting visual effects. These perfectly spherical beads provide a gentle exfoliation and are compatible with formulations for sensitive skin.
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