In the fast-paced world of beauty and cosmetics, the multifunctional makeup trend has emerged as a true game-changer. Gone are the days when a single makeup product served just one purpose. Today, multifunctional makeup products are captivating beauty enthusiasts by offering convenience, efficiency, and endless possibilities all in one compact package. To address these current and future trends, our team has recently launched "Effortless Color" our latest Spark Inspiration collection of essential, multifunctional color cosmetic formulations.


The Rise of Multifunctional Makeup

The multifunctional makeup trend can be seen as a natural progression in the beauty industry. Since the pandemic, many consumers have swapped wearing a full face of makeup every day, to using minimal makeup with a focus on improving individual skincare routines. Coupled with the “skinification” of color cosmetics, hybrid makeup formats have begun to rise in popularity. As individuals increasingly seek new ways to simplify their daily routines without compromising on style, brands have responded by designing products that cater to these needs. From busy professionals to on-the-go students, multifunctional makeup has become essential for those who value both time and money saved.

Why Consumers Continue to Choose Multifunctional Makeup

What sets multifunctional makeup products apart from conventional makeup products are their versatility. These innovative cosmetics serve multiple purposes, allowing users to effortlessly create a variety of looks. A single product might offer the benefit of a blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow all in one, making it an ideal companion for travel or quick touch-ups throughout the day. This convenience not only streamlines one's beauty routine but also saves space in makeup bags and purses.

In an era when consumer trends like sustainability and minimalism are gaining traction in the beauty industry, multifunctional makeup aligns perfectly with these values. By reducing the number of individual products needed, consumers can cut down on excess packaging and waste. This trend promotes mindful consumption, encouraging individuals to invest in cosmetics that do more while utilizing fewer resources.

Forward-Thinking Formulas

Multifunctional makeup products have pushed the boundaries of cosmetic formulation. Manufacturers are challenged to create products that perform multiple functions and maintain high-quality performance. This demand for excellence has led to the development of advanced formulas that cater to various skin tones, types, and preferences.


Phatcharada Phondee, Sr. Scientist, Formulation and Application Development, has formulated multifunctional products such as foundations with SPF and multi-use concealers. While creating new solutions, she explains that these particular products “usually have a main function like moisturization for example, then a secondary one. A great example of this would be a moisturizer with sunscreen. It’s important to prioritize the primary function first, noting the formula’s profile like texture and feel differences, then address the secondary function.”

The All-Over Glow Blush (developed by Phatcharada), is a creamy, blendable, two-in-one liquid infusion with collagen-boosting probiotics that provide a radiant flush to eyes and cheeks. When asked about potential formulation challenges, Phatcharada anticipated issues with product separation, however “SUNSIL-OLEO130 not only provides a nice skin feel, but it also helps to stabilize the formula,” so these issues were not present. The formulation also contains Maxigloss Plus, which is used as “a thick elastomer gel to boost viscosity and add a cushion effect to the formula. It gives a radiant finish to the formula and helps the pigment stay evenly on the skin.” 

To add even more benefit to the formulations, Phatcharada recommends multiple emollient esters from the Vantage portfolio such as Silkflo, natural oils, or our very own jojoba oil. 

Spark Inspiration: Effortless Color Collection

Effortless Color is our latest collection of essential, multifunctional color cosmetic formulations under the Spark Inspiration formulation platform. The Effortless Color Collection features elevated prototypes that range from hybrid foundations, multi-use blushes, and bold lip products. These curated formulations marry advanced technology with premium ingredients, resulting in high-performance products that align with current and future trends. 

As an agile provider of innovative solutions with a vast, responsible portfolio of naturally derived products, we offer numerous ingredients to achieve high performance and supreme aesthetics in color formulations. Customers can leverage our expertise as one of the fastest growing and most reliable suppliers of beauty and personal care ingredients, formulation components and technical support.

While we have an extensive portfolio of ingredients, here are a few key solutions to enhance your color cosmetic formulations:

OleoSil LC

OLEOSIL LC is a revolutionary silicone elastomer gel technology that offers a greener, safer, more biodegradable alternative to traditional silicones. OLEOSIL boosts slip, softness and extends play time while delivering a luxurious sensorial feel to formulations. OLEOSIL LC is designed for used in primers, correctors and is excellent to enhance liquid, mousses and stick foundations to a weightless elegant powder like feel.

BP-Triluronic® Acid

BP-TRILURONIC ACID is a combination of three different molecular weight fractions of natural hyaluronic acid produced through fermentation—available in liquid, powder and anhydrous varieties to fit virtually any color cosmetic application (primers, foundations, mascara, powders, lipsticks, etc.). BP-TRILURONIC ACID is produced through fermentation and then by carefully cleaving high molecular weight hyaluronic acid into smaller fractions at three different molecular weights specifically tailored to optimize performance of finished products. The balanced ratio of high to low fractions is designed for skin moisturization and enhanced skin penetration, while the mid fractions work to achieve ideal natural moisturizing factors (NMF).

Instaplump® LQ

INSTAPLUMP LQ is an advanced technology that features a lip plumping complex containing ingredients that enhance the appearance of lips for instant volumizing and warming effects. It also delivers an exceptional sensory experience and a noticeable warming sensation in minutes. INSTAPLUMP LQ then works to make lips look fuller and plumper, improving lip volume. The technology also helps smooth the appearance of lip lines and reduce lip product feathering.

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