Menopause, a natural phase marking the end of a woman's reproductive years, brings about both internal and external transformations. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, women typically enter menopause one year after their last period, which usually occurs around 51. This phase typically lasts for about four years. While internal changes are widely acknowledged, the external impact on the skin is often overlooked. Hormonal fluctuations during menopause can lead to a range of skin-related concerns varying in intensity such as dryness, sensitivity, a loss of elasticity and even acne. Recognizing the need for specialized skincare during this phase, the beauty and personal care industry is increasingly emphasizing the importance of hormonal skincare, which is tailored to address the unique challenges faced during menopause.

70% of women aged 40+ want to see more BPC products for (peri)menopausal women *Source: Mintel

Although estrogen levels can fluctuate quite a bit leading up to menopause, generally, as women age, estrogen levels decrease on average especially in the perimenopausal stage. The decline in estrogen levels during menopause plays a pivotal role in the alterations observed in the skin. Estrogen contributes to skin thickness, elasticity and moisture retention. As estrogen levels decrease, the skin undergoes changes that can result in dryness, fine lines and / or heightened sensitivity. Fluctuations in hormones may also trigger conditions like rosacea and acne, making skincare routines more complex.


Hormonal skincare is designed to meet the specific needs of skin undergoing hormonal changes. These products often contain ingredients that either mimic or support estrogen. Key considerations in a hormonal skincare routine include hydration, collagen support, gentle cleansing, sun protection and the integration of natural antioxidants. These components work together to replenish moisture, stimulate collagen synthesis, protect against environmental damage and maintain overall skin health.

80% of women aged 45-54 take a more preventative approach to facial skincare (i.e., use products to prevent wrinkles)

*Source: Mintel – Facial Skincare Insight Reports US 2023



In addition to general hormonal skincare principles, addressing specific menopausal symptoms becomes essential. Cooling skincare products, such as gels or mists, can offer relief during hot flashes, like our Refresh + Reset Cooling Mist, designed to instantly refresh and replenish electrolytes with BP-BOTANILYTE™ PEB, as well as energize skin cells and boost skin radiance. Calming and moisturizing ingredients such as BIOSIGNAL® LIPID 10 can alleviate severe dryness and soothe irritation, as shown with our lightweight, strengthening moisturizer the Swift Serenity Day Cream. Targeted treatments contain specialized ingredients designed to correct common menopausal concerns like hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone or lack of elasticity, as with our 5 to 9 Reviving Serum with DC INSTALIFT® GOJI which corrects signs of aging for the eye and lip contours.


Hormonal skincare aligns seamlessly with the pro-aging lifestyle, a paradigm shift that emphasizes embracing the aging process with positivity and grace. Pro-aging encourages individuals, especially women in menopause, to view aging as a natural and beautiful part of life. Rather than focusing solely on anti-aging measures, pro-aging lifestyles prioritize overall well-being, self-care and embracing one's unique beauty at every age.

By incorporating hormonal skincare into a pro-aging approach, women can cultivate a sense of empowerment and confidence during menopause. This holistic strategy not only addresses external beauty but also nurtures inner well-being, promoting a positive mindset and a healthy relationship with the aging process.

47% of women aged 45+ spend more time on their facial skincare routine compared to last year due to incorporating a facial skincare routine into their overall wellness routine (i.e., overall health, diet, exercise)

*Source: Mintel – Facial Skincare Insight Reports US 2023

Navigating menopause with hormonal skincare is a transformative journey that involves understanding and adapting to the changes occurring in the skin. Embracing a pro-aging lifestyle further enhances this experience, encouraging women to celebrate the beauty that comes with age. By adopting a holistic approach that combines specialized skincare with positive lifestyle choices, women can not only manage but also embrace the menopausal phase with confidence, radiance and a profound sense of well-being.

Midlife Bliss

Introducing Midlife Bliss, our latest collection of hormonal skincare which primarily aims to target menopausal symptoms. This is yet another addition to our SPARK INSPIRATION™ formulation platform. The Midlife Bliss collection features elevated prototypes that range from gentle cleansers utilizing sulfate-free surfactants, treatment products developed with data-backed active ingredients and comforting moisturizers for day and night. These thoughtfully crafted formulations blend cutting-edge technology with premium ingredients, yielding skincare products that are exceptionally effective and in sync with the latest and upcoming trends in hormonal skincare.

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