In the dynamic beauty industry, understanding and adapting to diverse generational preferences in makeup and skincare is essential for brands seeking to maintain relevance and capture market share. This year at in-cosmetics Paris 2024 (Stand 1G80), we’re leveraging our expertise in innovation and natural chemistry to help our customers as they navigate generational differences in beauty preferences when creating new products and formulations.


Generational groups, spanning from Baby Boomers to Generation Alpha, exhibit distinct makeup and skincare preferences shaped by cultural influences, technological advancements, and societal shifts. In partnership with the Benchmarking Company, we developed a concept survey spanning over 2500 US consumers of different generations to support our customers. We focused on each generation’s individual needs to deliver formulations approved by them with our best-in-class, hero ingredients.


For Baby Boomers who often prioritize comfort, Vantage introduces a mini-collection of gentle skincare—a mineral oil-free hand ointment, a sulfate-free daily body wash and a comforting cream with 3 potent active ingredients for skin nourishment—allowing them to enjoy, protect and feel comfortable in the skin they’re in. Our protective, moisture-replenishing formulations feature our award-winning jojoba ester, LIPONATE® JOJOBA 20 and BOTANICALSPLUS®, our product line of customized specialty botanical extracts and active ingredients and complexes. LIPONATE JOJOBA 20 is a naturally derived, multi-functional, jojoba-based emollient that quickly restores skin’s hydration and moisturization, even for damaged skin. STRATAPHIX® AOS from the BOTANICALSPLUS line is an oil-soluble antioxidant powerhouse developed to fight and protect against free radicals in anhydrous systems. 

Our hero ingredients highlight Baby Boomers' desire for reliable beauty solutions that address drier skin alongside anti-aging concerns.

For Generation X, effective treatment solutions and preventing more advanced signs of aging is top of mind. Vantage presents a mini-collection of multifunctional, preventative skincare formulations consisting of a restorative night cream, a 3-in-1 serum for face, scalp and hair, a tinted moisturizer with mineral UV filters and a luxurious oil cleansing balm. Vantage emphasizes routines that are suitable for busy lifestyles by highlighting hero ingredients like ADAPTOGEN FERMBIOTIC® S. and STRATAPHIX® POLY. ADAPTOGEN FERMBIOTIC S. supports a more balanced skin microbiome through postbiotics to restore the skin’s natural glow.  STRATAPHIX POLY is a botanical-based antioxidant active ingredient designed to help address signs of skin inflammaging (a chronic form of inflammation that develops in older age) and reduce irritation or dryness induced by retinol. These technologies address Generation X’s interest in multifunctional, solution-oriented products.

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Millennials, who are often consumed with and fatigued by social media, look to address initial signs of aging and prioritize self-care. Vantage’s experiential, multifunctional mini-collection for Millennials consists of a waterless serum stick, a nourishing face & beard oil, a protective under eye serum and a liquid blush. Our essential ingredients encompass BP-TRILURONIC®—a harmonious blend of three distinct molecular weight fractions of hyaluronic acid, working in tandem to comprehensively rejuvenate the skin's health—and COOLACT® 10—an odorless cooling agent. Unlike traditional menthol, COOLACT 10 delivers both rapid and prolonged cooling sensations, offering immediate relief and efficacy for instant gratification.


Looking at Generation Z, their primary concerns are centered around the use of clean and sustainable ingredients, showing more loyalty to brands that heavily value social responsibility. Vantage’s mini-collection for Generation Z prioritizes high naturality ingredients while showcasing a hybrid skincare-makeup waterless format alongside two troubled skin solutions. Our chosen products for this generation are CURAZELIC® 44 and TEXTRON® OLIVE SQUALANE. CURAZELIC 44 is a novel azelaic acid solution that addresses acne in sensitive skin, facilitating the formulation of clear rinse-off cleansers or serums while reducing the risk of recrystallization. TEXTRON OLIVE SQUALANE is one of our naturally-derived, upcycled, avocado-based emollient that is tolerated even on compromised and troubled skin.

Lastly, for Generation Alpha, we will highlight the importance of product safety where they can grow and discover how to take care of their skin with a fun twist for both kids and parents! Vantage’s mini-collection showcases kid-friendly, easy-to-use products for the hair, body and lips. Our selected hero products include METAUPON® EZ AMIBIO and COCONUT AVOCADO HAIR MILK. METAUPON EZ AMIBIO is a versatile, pre-formulated, sulfate-free surfactant composition for cold-process, clear systems designed for sensitive skin. COCONUT AVOCADO HAIR MILK is a naturally-derived complex leveraging the conditioning benefits of coconut and avocado oil in a water-thin milky emulsion. These solutions address Generation Alpha’s needs by delicately cleansing, detangling and conditioning the hair.


By implementing these tailored strategies and hero ingredients to serve the distinct needs of each generation, we’ve carefully crafted a collection of formulations that responds well to consumer feedback and market data. Brands can leverage insights into generational beauty segments to develop innovative products, engage with consumers effectively, and drive sustained growth in an ever-changing market. Embracing diversity in beauty preferences across generations is key to fostering brand loyalty and staying ahead of the curve.


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