Formulators make emollients work together to create a delightful sensorial experience for consumers, just like a director bringing musical instruments together to create a harmonious composition. The experience conveys emotions that support the story of each individual beauty product.

Vantage offers a comprehensive selection of emollients each with distinct chemistries to adapt to your specific formulation needs. From specialty esters to natural alkanes or high stability hydrogenated polyisobutene and hydrogenated didecene, our emollients work together to make a lasting, delightful impact on your consumers.

Specialty Esters

Vantage is a leading manufacturer of specialty esters under its brand LIPONATE®, favored by formulators for their functional benefits. Lighter emollients ester can be used as alternatives to dimethicone without compromising on moisturization, while high viscosity emollients can add thickness and body to formulations. High polarity esters can help disperse or solubilize pigments or sun filters.

Natural Alkanes

Our JEECHEM® NDA range of high-purity alkanes derived from vegetable feedstocks and engineered for performance offer customers a natural alternative to synthetic and silicone emollients. JEECHEM NDA products are highly versatile emollients with application possibilities that go beyond skin care.

They are also perfectly suited for color and decorative cosmetics where they act as solvents, carriers, dispersants, de-tackifiers, setting modifiers and solubilizers, contributing functional solutions while simultaneously giving the formulator endless choices and the ability to impact feel, play time and touch.

High Stability Hydrocarbon Emollients

Vantage distributes the PANALANE® range of hydrogenated polyisobutene and SILKFLO® range of hydrogenated polydecene. These high-performance hydrocarbon emollients demonstrate unrivaled stability in formulations and help formulators create extremely stable and fine emulsions. They are especially recommended for color cosmetics, sun care and skin care applications.
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